My favourite brand blogs and Twitter accounts… and why they are so effective !

In my previous article, we saw that brands put everything to impress the generation of Millennials. We will see now how brands operate on the Twitter social network.

If the Internet had a profound impact on the practices and marketing policies, online social networks inaugurate relationship mode between the consumer and the brand which is very different from conventional websites. Social networks represent a new environment for brands.

Twitter: an information thread


But what is Twitter ? According to Mashable, “It’s a platform wherein users share their thoughts, news, information and jokes in 140 characters of text or less.”

Twitter facilitates all kinds of interactions between the individual and the brand (image sharing, chat, video sharing …). According to DMR, “It’s a social network that sees 100 million users login daily “.

3 very effective brands on Twitter

  • Starbucks: the first coffee chain in the world

Starbucks had definitely understood the importance of engaging on Twitter! The purpose of the presence of the brand on Twitter is the relay of information and the creation of customer proximity. In fact, they do a fantastic job of showcasing their followers by retweeting them and interacting with them. In addition, they implement their coffees to tempt consumers through numerous pictures. For instance, the brand’s cover photo shows three coffees that look very appetizing. Every tweet of the brand has got a hashtag and they effectively use many different types of media also. Whether it’s a photo collage with a witty headline, a video or even a gif, they are doing it often and doing it right. It is thanks to its effective communication that the brand has many followers on the Twitter social network.

starbucks twitter.PNG
Twitter account Starbucks Home
If you want to follow this brand on Twitter click here.


Apple has created a Twitter account which is only dedicated to its after-sales service. In this way, users can ask questions, learn things, and get regular information about the brand, products, updates… In my opinion, it is a revolution to have a simpler alternative to long waits on the phone or going in the Apple Store to solve a problem on an Apple product.

apple support.PNG
Apple Support answers questions from customers on its Twitter account
If you want to access to the Apple’s after-sales service on Twitter click here.


The brand started by producing flavored cookies, and soon complemented its range with premium yogurt drinks. This brand also has been existed in the US since 2014.

The company has adopted a position close to its customers, thus meeting the greediest directly on Twitter. The brand creates a world of its own and in which the customer is recognized. Indeed, it uses a specific vocabulary by giving a different name to all the terms of the corporate world (eg: the name of the company headquarters is called “the banana farm”, the staff is “la tribu” (in French)…) In addition, the brand uses graphic codes close to the target with the use of infantine comics or the publication of pictures of some customers who participate in kitchen workshop organized by the brand. This reinforces the idea of proximity to the consumer. Finally, the brand regularly reminds its identity because the tone is always the same (humorous tone).

The friendly atmosphere of the brand on Twitter and the complicity created with the customer made this brand one of my favorites to follow on social networks. Employees of Michel and Augustin even sign their tweets of their own name !

Post on the french Twitter account of Michel et Augustin for a competition
Post on the US Twitter account of Michel et Augustin for the Open House
If you want to follow this brand on Twitter click here for the French Twitter account and here for the US Twitter account.

Business blogs:

Brands can also be led to create a blog to increase their visibility. A blog can help drive traffic to the company website. I have concocted three examples of quite different brands of blogs but all relevant.

3 interesting brand blogs

  • « My Starbucks idea »

The brand starts a conversation with its consumers through its website, giving them the opportunity to express their needs and desires. Starbucks gives  the opportunity to its customers to participate in the design of its products.

This is a very dynamic and instant blog  because each consumer can leave a comment of what he would have with his Starbucks coffee. Finally, the people interacting on the blog can vote in favor of the idea. The most popular ideas are actually developed by Starbucks !

Home page, Starbucks’s blog
If you also want to create your Starbucks drink, you can going on their website by clicking here !


  • L’Oréal Professionnel

It’s a global, professional hair care brand sold exclusively in hair salons.                             “L’Oréal Professionnel” is a B to B English blog destined for hairdressers and professionals working in salons. It gives valuable advice, not only related to hairdressing techniques, as well as tips to boost a hairdressing salon, trends style… This blog generates quality content and I find that is very well organized because it has got a section for each target.

Blog post of L’Oréal Professionnel blog
Click here to visit the website of L’Oréal Professionnel !


  • General Electric

Home page of General Electric’s blog

This blog has got a very attractive design and quality content, dedicated to users interested in machinery, new technologies, scientific discoveries…

Ge Report uses many images, integrating sharing buttons on social networks, thereby spreading content more easily. In addition, the website uses a touch of humor to be closer to its readers and to deal with complex issues.

Blog post about Ireland on General Electric’s blog
To make your own opinion about GE REPORT’s blog: click on this link.


I put a little video available for you to really understand the impact of the use of social networks and blogs:  



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