Video Marketing: 3 Irish examples of Best Practice

Videos are an extremely popular method of communication on the Internet, which leads companies to use them in order to publish online their advertisements, news stories and documentaries. Companies seek to create viral videos.

In fact, according to The Netflix Generation, video now accounts for 43% of all online traffic and Cisco predicts that by 2016, this number will rise to over 86%.


What is a viral video?

According to Technopedia, it’s about “any clip of animation or film that is spread rapidly through online sharing”.

Here is a video that will allow you to understand what viral marketing is:

Effective viral videos are based on creativity and novelty effects.

3 tips I can give you to create a viral video for your company:

  1. Make it emotional:

Ads which evoke intense, positive emotions such as ‘Exhilaration’ are 3 times more likely to get shared than those with elicit weak and negative responses. It is important to reach people through surprise, fear, joy, laughter or provocation. It must arouse emotions among consumers in order to be memorable.

  1. Keep in mind that people get bored quickly:

Advertisements should really be original to capture the interest of their target and push them to share the message. Especially on the Internet: Internet users need to be enthralled in the first seconds of viewing.

  1. Focus on music :

The soundtrack plays an important role; it can rapidly promote a video at the top.

Some examples of viral videos…

The students from the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance offer a real show for bystanders at Shannon Airport in Ireland in 2014. In the middle of the airport, a young dancer begins to do the show and is joined by several young ladies and young men who complete the picture. The video has gone viral with over 160,000 views clocked up on YouTube within a week of being uploaded and goes around the world.

The most impressive was that it made many passengers smile but also people who watched the video. The event brought great joy. For this reason, the video became viral. Furthermore, it has promoted Shannon Airport.

Vodafone‘s ad about a little lost piglet captured the hearts and minds of the Irish people in late 2015. The advertisement told the tale of a piglet named Piggy Sue and a farmer named Donal. The farmer found the baby pig up in the Sally Gap in Wicklow and attempted to return the little pet to her owner. The video was viewed 785.785 times. The brand has managed to play on the emotions of users by telling a story. The man became friendly with the pig, it moved the internet users. Using a sad music accentuates the emotions.

According to Irish central, “Vodafone, which made the advert to demonstrate the breadth of their coverage, also made a version of the same ad for New Zealand”.

In its TV spot, Guinness has a habit of celebrating heroic acts. This time around, the company paid tribute at those fighting for independence, for freedom, and for peace in other parts of the world, in particular, those families who have sons, daughters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, or friends serving overseas.

The emotional advertising and based on real facts obtained many views. The place where the scene is taking place is a local bar where the owner and his bosses hold a special vigil while waiting for one of them. Again, sad music plays an important role in the message that wants to convey the brand.

I found this advertising poignant and it shows that the Guinness brand defends many causes through its TV spots.

A French advertisement

  • Evian : “Baby and Me”

I could not end this article without showing you my favorite viral video. This is the French company “Evian” which is a brand of mineral water. It’s a viral advertising because it is the most widespread in the world in 2013 due to the lack of dialogue. Indeed, a month after its release, you could count 74 million views worldwide on YouTube. The global brand campaign for the Evian water brand featured a street full of adults discovering their inner youth in the form of their own dancing baby reflections in a shop window.

Advertising alternates the feelings of joy and surprise without shocking the public through the use of music “Here comes the Hotstepper ‘version remixed by Yuksek (famous French DJ who must be remixes of Justice, C2C, Lady Gaga…). Finally, a baby creates emotion and symbolizes joy, purity and youth (“Evian Live young”).

Happy laughing…!


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